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_MG_0387_mail_MG_0310_mail_MG_0259_mailWe grow and change so quickly, that sometimes all we are left with are the memories. From family, to kids and babies, wedding couples and more.
_MG_9564 copy_MG_9574 copyOur University photoportrait photography, at emind photo studio has the ability to capture amazing images, from the sole of your newborns tiny foot, to the wisdom in your grandmother’s eyes, to the laughter and joy of your family reunion.Graduation photography _MG_8580 copy



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At our portrait photo Studio, in Vancouver…

_MG_9571 copyemind has a state of the art Photo Studio settings, cameras and lights dedicated to capturing you and your family as you really are, in a natural, fun and relaxed environment.

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AB6W2528-5x7 copyAB6W2569BW-mail copyat emind photo studio, the possibilities are unlimited. A new way to capture portraits and University grad photo. we have total control over background images, with over one thousand real-life pictures to choose from. You can set your photos in a beautiful flower garden, a beach with a sunset view, a church interior with stained glass, or in nature with mountains and trees. We guarantee you a sunny day for your special occasions, regardless of the weather outside. Your formals will have the professional and elegant look of that from a glossy magazine.

At emind photo studio, we use a Scene Machine. Unlike blue and green screens, Chroma-key,  the Scene Machine provides real-time previews of the subject with the background, does not require the same level of post-production, and offers a instant review. There are no surprises later; you can see the final images during the shoot and change poses, lighting, or backgrounds to capture the perfect moment. With our new and improved Virtual Backgrounds, our Scene Machine is an ideal way to inject new life and creativity into modern, high-end portrait photography



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With our design imaging, our final photo displays are well beyond ordinary. As other classic artists, who dream before start to brush, we design and create before we click the camera. With 20 years experience our work is sure to make a difference and to bring a fresh look to your photo session and the feel or your final photos, ….

We love taking photographs of people, making you relax and setting you at ease to get the best possible results. We will work with you prior to the shoot to understand what you would like to achieve, we will provide you with suggested styles or example images, and together we will plan the session so that it fully meets your expectations.

We can work with you in the studio, or out on location, creating a style to meet your exact needs.


emind – your photo studio: Actors head shot3580 E. Hastings Street Vancouver BC

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