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Richmond Weddingscustom wedding album design for a Philippines weddingIMG_7655-C copyIMG_7616-B-mailProfessional photography studio  / video productions / we have photographed and video captured  over Seven Hundreds of happy weddings in past 20 years in Vancouver

Lavender-Field-Jen&AceRobin Wong photos, a team of creative, fun and humble visual artists… we love to capture every intimate moments for your special event.Pre wedding photos and video in VancouverWedding photography in May

Naturalistic, simplistic    approaching   personal with personality.

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Weddings are ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ events, meaning for the wedding photographer, there are no second chances. With this in mind, choosing a trained and experienced professional wedding photographer is essential.

Robin Wong Photos | emind photo studio understands wedding photography.

Vancouver wedding photographers in emind photo studio are formally University Graduation photographytrained to capture the magic and uniqueness of any wedding, from civil ceremonies to all forms of religious services. Wedding Stanley Park Wedding photographyPhotographers from emind photo studio are professional but also spontaneous and relaxed, allowing for natural image composition to evolve. As well as spontaneous shots, posing, placing and positioning for traditional wedding family photography can also be very important. A wedding photographer from emind photo studio is well trained to allow this type of posing to occur naturally and to capture these important images in a relaxed and uninhibited way.

Spontaneity, mood and feelings are what wedding photography is all about. Robin and his team work hard to create the mood and bring out the feelings that will become timeless memories forever. Robin encourages spontaneity at all times. To make the photos unique, by capturing special moments, this is the essence of Robin Wong Photos.Asian wedding photographer Vancouverblack & white wedding photography

Robin and his professional photographers are fully equipped with the latest technology, using only high quality digital equipment, ensuring you receive crisp, clear and colorful high definition images. Your wedding images will undergo digital enhancements and retouching to make sure every detail is perfect. Blemishes or slight imperfections can be removed so as to enhance the end result. All images from Robin Wong photos are put through this treatment as standard.

Robin offers an extensive range of album presentations and framing to enhance your wedding photography. The end result will be tailor-made and presented to you in beautiful albums and frames. The presentation of your images is designed to enhance the expression of the timeless moments created, guaranteeing their value and longevity.

Capturing your precious moments is what wedding photography is all about. Robin has the experience and expertise to capture the mood and emotions of your special day as images that become timeless memories you will treasure forever.Wedding album

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